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2016 Canton Fair (Spring)

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The pouring rain in Guangzhou China during April 15-19, 2016, was unable to hamper our enthusiasm

to bring our visitors the most innovating and competitive products in the 119th Canton Fair.

People from all over the world gathering in the fair to learn what exciting achievements have been

made in this season of industrial era. Booth of Leking Wellness Co.,Ltd. is apparently one of the hottest spots

We have a wide range of products now available for our clients to enjoy. Infrared&Steam sauna

cabin with entertainment system bringing you health benefits to arthritis, pain relief, toxins expelling,

energy expenditure and weight loss. Massage sofa&chair which emulating human hands massage

technique such as kneading, tapping, shiatsu and muscle stretching, take care of your body in an

adjustable strength manner.

Portable sauna, mini sauna and foot sauna are another products that people from all over the world

are benefiting from. The portable sauna is foldable and light, you can bring it with you as a good

companion, while foot sauna even allows you to enjoy sauna therapy in your office.

We are dedicated to developing the most advanced wellness facilities and bringing them to you.

That is why we have marched to German where industrial trend is led and that’s why we participated

Canton Fair passionately.

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