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  1995, Leking Wellness carrying families trying to improve the health of the goal.

  From 1996 until 2010, Leking Wellness effort through its dedicated and extraordinary labor produce perfect products and put them into the market to grow rapidly.

  2011, Leking Wellness is listed on the stock code number 300247 Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

  2012, Leking Wellness wholly acquired Germany"s top brand sauna company, Saunalux, and thus established a solid foundation for the next fight overseas presence.

  In 2013, Leking Wellness by the China Food and Drug Administration issued a medical equipment production license, allowing Leking Wellness industry into the inside of the arena.

  In 2014, Leking Wellness acquisition of Shenzhen Josen has a sauna, Ltd., another leading company within the production of sauna industry.

  In addition, in 2014, it acquired the registration certificate of medical devices firmly demonstrates the Chinese government"s support for the Leking Wellness. With this, Leking Wellness has gradually improved the core competitiveness, and actively

  Contribute to further development within the health sector.

  In 2015, Leking Wellness acquire gold design company is a company set up by the United States. This is a huge step for the North American market gained considerable market share.

  Finally, also in 2015, the acquisition of Shanghai LITEC companies even better to make Leking Wellness home health system.