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About Youngy Health

  Established in 1995, Saunaking(Youngy Health) has grown to six major production plants in Hefei, Wuhu, Germany, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ma’anshan.

  Our primary focus has centered on selling reliable and the highest quality sauna and massage chair products.Our products consist of comprehensive innovation that combines durability and usability within the research & development and the manufacturing processes.In addition, our sales have seen tremendous growth and we have successfully developed superior excellence in Customer Service.

  With great responsibility, Youngy Health contributes all of its efforts to servicing home health, promoting health concepts, and bringing a healthy life style

to the general public.

  Since its inception, Youngy Health has been on the move.

  In 1995, Youngy Health set out with the goal of finding ways to improve home health issues.  From 1996 to 2010, Youngy Health grew rapidly through the efforts

of its dedicated and extraordinary workforce in producing sound products and bringing them to market.    

  In 2011, Youngy Health was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange under Stock Code Number 300247.

  In 2012, Youngy Health wholly acquired Germany’s top brand sauna company, Saunalux, and thus established a firm foundation presence overseas.

  In 2013, Youngy Health acquired a Medical Device Production License issued by the China Food and Drug Administration, thus allowing Youngy Health

to enter the medical industry area.

  And in 2014,Youngy Healths acquired Shenzhen Josen Sauna Co.,Ltd., another leading production company within the sauna industry.

  In addition in 2014, the acquisition of the Registration Certificate for a Medical Device firmly indicates the support of the Chinese government toYoungy Health.

  With this, Youngy Health has raised its core competition progressively and has positively contributed to further developments within the medical health field.

  In 2015,Youngy Health acquired Golden Designs, Inc., a U.S.A. established company.  This was a massive step to gain substantial market share within

the North America market.  Lastly and also in 2015, the acquisition of Shanghai LITEC Company has made Youngy Health’s home health system even better.

  From many years of development and expansion, Youngy Health products have passed domestic and international certification including GS of Germany,

CE of European Union, ETL of North America, SASO of Saudi Arabia, SAA of Australia, etc.Youngy Health has been substantial in its prospective industries

and will continue to innovate the consumer home market.