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Production Bases

Our Profile

Set up in 1995, Youngy Health Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of sauna products in China and became the first listed company in sauna industry. Building 100,000SQM production bases, collecting a series of product and process, we create a broad range of sauna products that are designed to export to more than 70 countries and areas. Producing 38, 000 units infrared sauna and 200,000 units portable sauna per year that issued by international authentications like GS, CE, ETL, SASO,  SAA, ISO9001, ISO14001, etc , we try in each of our businesses to live on the leading edge in the design and technology of product and process.  

Brief Introduction

The factory is located in east of Wuhu City, approaching to prior Wuhu-Xuancheng , Wuhu-Ma Anshan high-speed, south to Wuhu Administrative District, west by the Wanchun Road 12 km from the Yangtze River. It covers total 150 acres, period project has built an industrial plant, a comprehensive library of raw materials, administrative buildings, etc. finishing 48,000 square meters construction, with more than 150 kinds of machinery and equipment advanced.

The designed building is Leking Wellness"s R&D center and comprehensive office building, totally 12 floors, covering about 20,000 square meters, which now is under building and will be put into use in Sept 2013. After finished it will be company"s operation managemement maincenter,  a coalition of R&D, showroom, training center, reception center and other functions.

Factory Overview

With unrivaled vision and innovation expertise, Leking Wellness and her new factory lead and never follow in designing, engineering, refining and delivering innovative technology that enhances your daily life. She has the most professional producing systems starting from the very beginnig, improving traditional procedure of wood-electric-test-2nd test-final test-package-delivery, translating into the technical multiple security, PID temperature control, far-infrared conversion, energy efficiency, multi-dimensional human design, wood utilization for sauna equipment, She guides the concept of health sauna cultivation & leisure consumption into average families.


Leking Wellness and its new factory leave nothing to chance when it comes to machinery. She embraces professional Saw Optimization, Horizontal Multi-Chip Saw, Auto-Connection devices, leading Double-End Milling, Top Servo devices imported from Germany,new electronic assembly line, etc . 

Quality, functionality and ultimately customer satisfaction guide the producing system. Backed by precision engineering and global marketing,Leking Wellness"s infrared sauna, portable sauna, and traditional sauna simply perform and look better than the competition.


Every product we make is designed to meet the unique needs of our consumers and trade partners all over the world. Leking Wellness’s latest technology allows us to bring you the same stylish faucets that you have come to rely on for years. At Leking Wellness, innovation never stops, ingenuity never ceases, history never dates itself.