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Leking Wellness on the FSB and Aquanale International Trade Fair

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  Leking Wellness attended Aquanale - the International Trade Fair for Sauna. Pool. Ambience and FSB - International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports, and Pool Facilities which took place simultaneously in Germany from October 27th to 30th 2015.

  And the 6th Cologne Swimming Pool and Wellness Forum, provided the International Trade Fair of visitors once again with workshops and lectures about innovative and trendsetting topics. Experts and industry insiders shared their knowledge in presentations and discussion groups at this renowned forum. The event was hosted in cooperation between the Federal Association for Swimming Pools and Wellness (bsw), the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS).

  Also, Leking Wellness presented not only its newest innovating saunas but also wellness facility like massage sofas and chairs, which brought visitors significant health value and new life style concept. And numerous requests from visitors have already been received and cared.

  Far Infrared Saunas heat your body directly to sweating and push toxins out your body more efficiently.

The massage chairs and sofas with simulated manual massage movement, infinitely close professional.

The smiles on visitors faces are the best evidence of how comfortable the massage chairs and sofas are making people feel.

Leking Wellness will continue its journey which leads to bringing health to people all around the world.

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